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Dedicated to Reducing Costs and Saving Resources for Commercial Pool Operators

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Pumping water takes a lot of energy and gets more expensive every year. We help reduce costs through energy savings while ensuring safe pool operation.

How much savings? Every dollar invested in energy efficiency can return from 30 to 80% each year in energy savings alone. And the savings doesn’t stop there. Our Aquatic Management System (AMS) helps you optimize equipment operation reducing service costs and increasing equipment life and safety.

Your pool equipment room performs the same filtration and sanitation functions as a domestic water treatment plant but with the added burdens of heating and bathers. Water quality and safety are the chief concerns. Affinity’s AMS adapts 21st century industrial control technology to the unique equipment and operational requirements of commercial pools. We combine electronic monitoring and data logging like you’d find in a water treatment plant with user-friendly controls any pool operator can use.

Affinity Aquatics provides a complete solution to optimizing operation and cost savings including:

  • Investment grade pool systems audit, project specifications, permitting and financing
  • An Aquatic Management System built and programmed to each project’s unique requirements
  • Commissioning and operator training
  • Remote monitoring and technical assistance tailored to each customer’s needs.

We can help if you are a:

  • public pool owner, manager, CPO
  • commercial pool service company
  • energy service company
  • utility looking for high ROI energy efficiency
  • public health official concerned about safe pool operation

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